Current Vacancies

It takes many skills to run a successful scout group.

 Of course we need a team to run each section, but we also need people behind the scenes for a whole variety of support functions.

There are also openings for people with a variety of skills, to be more involved in the social activities and fundraising.
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Administrative and Occasional roles:

We have a team of people behind the scenes who help to support & run the group.

How much time? Many of these roles only take a few hours per term, often with peak moments. There are around 6 team (exec) meetings per year, often online.

Experience needed: Depends on the role, but normally very little experience required. We will make sure someone is available to get you started!

Current needs as below

• A person to take over the ordering of neckerchiefs and other small items for leaders and distribution of t-shirts etc ordered from the external web-shop • Needs to be able to order items online and keep track of stock • Some storage space available for neckers and a diminishing amount of previous stock (less as these items are sold). • Able to visit section meetings briefly at the start of term to drop off ordered goods (payments are made in advance, so no accounts required) • Report back to the exec
• Arrange and attend group exec meetings, and take minutes • Answer queries coming in by email • To help the Group Scout leader by collating information updating Scouting databases • Able to use a PC and online database • Basic Dutch language skills would be useful (One database is in Dutch) but not essential. • Clearances and some (free) online training is required
This role can be shared- we are happy for someone to take on whichever part(s) of the role they can. • to help look after our equipment in both stores. • minor repairs, ordering spare parts, • Keeping a stock list, and a new purchase list • organising period checks/tidying with volunteers, • helping leaders know what is available before camps. • Helping allocate equipment for camps especially district. • Potentially looking after the equipment budget and shopping for new equipment • The annual equipment budget is agreed with both leaders and exec • If involved in planning/shopping/finances this is an Exec role and clearances and some (free) online training is required and attendance at the Exec meetings
We have a team of people who have often held leadership roles in the past, and now occasionally help at camps and events (as and when they can). Their input is valuable to help out leaders on special occasions, or fill in for emergencies, offer first aid cover or similar. They are cleared and have some training, (free) and they’re also insured. Given coordination they can also organise social events for their team. Could you be part of the team which works on our group events, like Light up the Forest, Grand prix, etc.? It would be a real help if we had a number of people to call on for a planning meeting, purchasing, and/or help at an individual event The co-ordinator is an exec member.
• write (or collect input from youth members) a short article about what your section has done • about once a month or at special events • potentially take some appropriate pictures • post to facebook/website- or send to someone else to do so • This is not automatically an exec position- although you would be welcome to join
Do you have recognised (British, Belgian or International) qualifications in an adventurous activity for example: sailing/ kayaking/ climbing/hill walking? Would you like to help young people experience this from time to time? Perhaps help supervise when we use an external centre?

Roles supporting the weekly meetings.

In every section (Squirrels, Beavers, Cubs, Scouts or Explorers) there are a mixture of section leaders (SL) and assistant section leaders (ASL) plus sectional assistants (SA) and occasional helpers.
These teams work together to plan & provide the programme and can divide up many of the tasks as wished and cover for absences. The leaders take overall responsibility for the planning and coordination with parents. We need a minimum of one SL or ASL at every meeting, plus at least one other adult or more depending on numbers. In Squirrels we need at least 3 adults. 

For Sept 2022- we are looking for additional help in

Squirrels on Saturday morning, Lomond Beavers on Friday, Cubs on Wednesday or Thursday; Scouts on Wednesday or Friday

These roles assume a regular commitment, but we try to have a large enough team so that we can be flexible, as many of our leaders travel and cannot attend every week.  We don’t often meet during school holiday periods. Outside the weekly meetings, there are a few group leaders’ meetings and sections run occasional residential experiences. Exactly how much time it takes, will depend on the section, the amount of extra meetings and what your exact role is.  Your team should divide the various tasks to ensure no-one is over burdened. Because of our mobile population, we are always looking for additional people to help out in sections. Extra hands tend to make the work lighter. We have an appointment process to ensure that we only appoint appropriate people to the different sections, and that the role suits your skills and availability. When several team members move on at the same time, we may put out an appeal for that section.

There are a number of different roles you could take.. please take a look at the role descriptions below.

You don't need to decide immediately... just like the young people  you can visit the section for a 'Four Week Challenge' and see what goes on and how you would fit in..



The leadership team takes overall responsibility for the planning of the programme and coordination with parents. 

Usually the Section leader is the first point of contact and coordinates the team ensuring that all the necessary tasks are done. But it is fine to hand over specific tasks to another member of the team.

Usually the team meets together to discuss and plan the programme and different team members take on, different tasks. It may be that your Section assistant usually runs the games.. or your ASL does the records. 

All Leaders (SL & ASL) commit to a 3 year training programme- most of which is offered online and can be validated locally by activities within your sections 

Once your role has been decided you can start training with the Getting Started Modules.  

First aid courses are face to face and run locally once or twice a year. We may offer other face to face training weekends ,especially for scouting skills, which are great fun, but not mandatory.


Assistant Section leaders work together with the rest of the team, to plan and run meetings.

Sometimes we don't have a section leader but 2 or more assistants divide the work and run the section between them.

Typically the whole team will meet together to plan the terms programme and responsibilities will be divided. It may be that you're really good at admin and you take on the online badge recording, or that you prefer to run games...

All Leaders (SL & ASL) commit to a 3 year training programme- most of which is offered online and can be validated locally by activities within your sections 

Once your role has been decided you can start training with the Getting Started Modules.  

First aid courses are face to face and run locally once or twice a year. We may offer other face to face training weekends ,especially for scouting skills, which are great fun, but not mandatory.

Sectional assistants have less overall responsibility and don't normally take a meeting without an appointed leader being present. They can contribute to planning and running some aspects of the programme. 

Training: Sectional assistants are only required to do the Getting Started Modules  as they contain essential information on our policies including safety, child protection etc.  These can be done online in a few hours and then validated by a quiz or something done in the normal meetings. You are also welcome to undertake first aid and other training if you wish. Online training is free, and any fees for agreed  in person training are covered  by the group.

Agreeing your role:  Normally a new assistant agrees their exact role with the section team, as it will vary depending on your availability and skills, and what the section needs.


Depending on the section your child is in, they may run a weekly parents rota, or ask for extra help as and when they need it. For example, if a leader is away, or we are going outdoors.

It is really helpful to have people who attend (semi)regulalry and get to know the young people. If you do attend more than once a month, or overnight, we must follow the clearance procedures laid down by scout association.  Occasional helpers cannot take a meeting in the absence of a leader as they are not insured.
No training is required- but it is possible to do some if you wish, so you know they rules and perhaps gain first aid skills