After much discussion we decided to purchase uniforms locally either from the scoutshop or through a local webshop.

We have a few items left from old stock, scroll to the bottom- if what you need is there in your size, we can help, otherwise please order as below.

Once you have visited and decided you want to stay in Scouting you need to buy the correct uniform top 

There is no need to buy a neckerchief (scarf) or badges; these are provided by the group when you are invested.

Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and adults can purchase their uniforms tops locally at  (Squirrels scroll down for the webshop)

La Scouterie  online  

Or at one of these shops

  • Maison du Scout: Avenue Emile Theys 41. 1410 Waterloo. Open Monday - Saturday 10am -6pm
  • Starpole Brussels Chaussee de Wavre 1442, 1160 Auderghem

Shirt details: (click for a picture)

We have arranged a webshop with a local supplier for the following items which will open in September 2022

Details will be added when set up

  • Squirrels -Red Sweatshirts  
  • 1st Brussels Group T-Shirts  (for camps and hot weather) in both childrens and adult sizing

 Each term there will be a period when you can order and pay these from the webshop, 

When complete all orders will be delivered to our coordinator, who will make sure they are delivered to your section.

 REPLACEMENTS- If you have lost your necker and want to buy a replacement, that can be arranged using the leader's shop below

Why are we not buying from the UK?

We used to order in a stock of uniforms from the UK, but

  • this has become very expensive since Brexit, due to postage, tax and customs charges
  • deliveries were taking many weeks to process. 
  • Many people ordered a particular size and then found the item didn't fit.
  • It also meant an individual having to stock a lot of uniforms in their own home.
  • There was a lot of admin regarding payments and orders
  • Asking individuals to bring back uniforms when they visit the UK is NOT an option, as this is not legal.  

You may of course choose to buy your own UK uniform if visiting the UK. We cannot recommend buying online from Scoutshop UK, due to excessive postal and customs charges.

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