Active Support Join Us

How will you benefit from joining Scouting?

Scout Active Support allows you to contribute to the enjoyment of young people, without the need to make a regular commitment.

Being a member means you're cleared and insured to help out whenever you're able and there is a need.

  • perhaps you have a specific skill or adventurous activity qualification which you could use to help us?
  • maybe you would love to join scouting, but haven't the time to come very often and would like to help when you're free?
  • Maybe you could help a section if one of the regular team is sick or away?
  • or you're an ex-member, and could help at a summer camp?
  • or you've been a leader and would like to keep in touch with us, meet up with old friends and help out at  occasionally ?


If so we'd love to hear from you

We'd like to run some social events for our adult team, whether that's going out together for a drink, a BBQ,  or something more active.