Squirrels Join Us

How will my child benefit from joining Scouting?

We help young people grow the skills they will need for school, college, university, the job interview, the important speech, the tricky challenge and the big dreams: the skills they need for life.

Yes, we go camping, hiking, swimming, and cycling. But we also get to hang out with our friends every week – having fun, playing games, working in a team and taking on new challenges.

Please note this is an application form for the sections which meet in Tervuren/Vossem only. Plus Brussels Explorers (age 14-18) Mostly our members live within our catchment area or close by, or attend school here. This keeps journey times reasonable. Please think carefully before applying if you live further away, we have limited space, you would be better applying to one of the closer groups, or to Belgian scouts. 

Central Brussels (Parc Parmentier) and 1stWaterloo (St John's School)  and SHAPE (Mons) have their own joining lists, if interested please click on their names or look at the links page for their web details.  There may soon be cubs and scouts at St Anthony's too - if interested fill in our form but say you're interested in Kraainem.

For Explorers aged 14-18 years,  Brussels EU  (who meet at BSB and Parc Parmentier ) can be contacted through this site.  For Waterloo speak to Waterloo scout group.  Sonian EU are based at ISF Waterloo.

These are the main catchment areas per group.. It may be that you wish to join a different group, if the location suits you better because you have friends there, or go to school there... But please check on travel times because that can form a problem for evening meetings.

Application Form

If you would like your child (age 3+ only please) to be added to the joining list, please click on this  Application Form link to apply. 

This will take you to a secure online form which collects the initial details all scout groups need and automatically adds you to the list. We need a lot of these details to sort out insurance for the first meeting!


You will get an email by return with a link to fill in a few additional items which are specific to us - like whether your child speaks English, and where they go to school!

If you don’t receive a mail this may have gone to your spam – please check

Complying with GDPR- up to date details: We usually keep applications for max one year from your last contact. If your child is under 3, ( won't be able to join  within a year) or if we  can't get in touch with you and/or if you don't answer when we get in touch, we will delete your application. We will also delete your application if we make several different offers which you don't accept. You are, of course, free to reapply when ready. This also cuts down on the work for our volunteers.

Please note when filling in dates we use the British dating system  day/month/year  

If you have mis-typed your child’s date of birth you won’t be able to access the linked page. In that case let us know and we will correct it. That is a safety feature to prevent unauthorized people accessing your child’s information. Only the child’s parents & cleared adults involved with managing the waiting list have this access.

We accept many international young people and adults but DO ask that your child has a reasonable level of English before joining, so they can understand safety instructions and get the most out of the activities. For example: It's not much fun for Squirrels to listen to a story, or for scouts to try do a quiz or decipher cryptic clues  if they don't understand it.