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Blog | Webshop Opened
16/09/2022 By Helen Williamson

We are pleased to announce that we have arranged a webshop with a local supplier where you can order group Tshirts or Squirrel uniforms.  IT IS NOW OPEN for the first order period- if you want to order please do so before October 5th. The next order period will be in January 2023  Click here  to visit the shop 

All other uniform tops can be bought from the local Scout shop see shop page for details

To keep the costs as reasonable as possible, without imposing a minimum number of items, the webshop works with 'order periods'  This means you can shop between 2 dates and once the final order date arrives, they make up and deliver all the items (a couple of weeks later) to our uniform coordinator for further distribution. 

Previously we had to order and store large boxes of groupT-Shirts, which took years to sell. 

If anyone outside 1st Brussels wishes to order something, please speak to us first about the cost of postage/delivery elsewhere.

All uniforms  are of course available from the UK scout shop but from Belgium the postage and tax costs and delays Post Brexit are prohibitive. If you travel to the UK, you may wish to order and collect while there.  I understand  many UK groups buy red school uniform sweatshirts from highstreet vendors for Squirrels. We can arrange a Squirrel badge.

All uniforms  are of course available from the UK scout shop but from Belgium the postage and tax costs and delays Post Brexit are prohibitive. I understand there are also uniform shortages in many sizes and many UK groups also buy red school uniform sweatshirts from highstreet vendors for Squirrels.

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News & Blogs

Queen Elizabeth II
08/09/2022 By Helen Williamson

British Scouting Overseas extends its deepest condolences on the death of our patron, monarch and sovereign - Queen Elizabeth II. As we remember Her Majesty, we give thanks that she has been Patron of The Scout Association since she came to the throne 70 years ago. We also recall with gratitude the support she has extended to Scouting  throughout her long reign. 

Most especially we remember her strong commitment to duty and service to the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.  

Our sympathy and prayers are extended to the entire Royal family. The loss of such a beloved mother, grandmother and great-grandmother will be deeply felt. 


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Blog | Start of the year- leaders and Children
02/09/2022 By Helen Williamson
Beaver with Badges

It's the start of the Scouting year and our coordinator is busy getting in touch and offering spaces to many young people. It's great to see sections filling up...

update 16/9  most sections are now full, but there may be spaces in January or at Easter as young people move up to the next section.

We still have a few spaces for the Beavers who meet on Wednesdays at ISF in Vossem.

We have some new adults for Beavers on Friday night, but there are still opportunites for additional help.  Friday Beavers meet from 17.30 to 18:45 and there are 16 young people waiting to (re)start.

We are still looking for some admin support and people to help with material/logistics behind the scenes.

It was great to see everyone at  our Start of the Scouting year event on Saturday 10th September, and to welcome some of our new members , parents and adult volunteers.
It was also good to express our appreciation for all those who have supported scouting over the last year, and wish those who have moved on all the best for the future.

Sections will be starting up over the next week or 10 days-depending on when halls and leaders are available. Section leaders will be in touch shortly (if you haven't already heard) about exact arrangements.
If you are going to a section at BSB it is very important we have your car details- so security will let you in!


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International Award - Qualifying Journeys
05/08/2022 By Jonathan Copner

In July our Bronze and Silver teams completed their qualifying adventures.  By train, by boat, by bus and by car - all elements came together for an excellent weekend of hiking in Germany.

Congratulations to both teams for excellent teamwork and a job well done.

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DofE IA - Bronze and Silver Expeditions
27/06/2022 By Jonathan Copner
Three Explorers

Counting down - DofE International Award Silver and Bronze qualifying Expeditions depart 1st July.  Good luck to both teams

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